Why We Need Stuffed Animals, Like A Stuffed Giraffe

Stuffed Giraffe

We all have had a stuffed animal or stuffed person of some kind in our lives at one point. Typically when we were children, but they can certainly be a great commodity in our adult lives as well.

Ty Beanie Boos – Safari the Giraffe 6″

Some have had teddy bears, giant teddy bears, a lion, maybe a gorilla, a plush puppy, or a stuffed giraffe. Some prefer action figures, superheroes, or even celebrities. Everyone can have an important preference when it comes to these items.


They can most certainly bring a great deal of comfort and there is one in particular that is unique and ideal. Like a stuffed giraffe. They are somewhat awkward animals, but their long fuzzy legs and necks can be quite nice to cuddle up with while watching a movie, trying to falling to sleep, or using them in conjunction with other plush creatures to give a comfortable look in a bedroom.

plush giraffe

As a child when feeling lonely, or as an adult, seeing the cute awkwardness of a stuffed giraffe can certainly spring a smile.

plush giraffe

It’s often the small things in life that we can take for granted, or maybe not realize have a powerful way to bring us joy if we simply stop and realize the power of their simplicity. It is often taken for granted. A stuffed giraffe is certainly simple in it’s immediate appearance, but once we can stop, take a moment to breathe, and scoop up that little fuzzy item, it can bring about a sense of comfort that is quite unique. Some stop to take a moment to enjoy the sunrise, pause to take a picture of a smiling child, smell the roses, plant some roses, or wave to a neighbor and wish them a good day. Taking the simplicity of a stuffed giraffe, or any other little stuffed creature, can create a simple joy that brings us that sense of peace and understanding of ourselves in ways we never may have thought possible.

So take some time out of your day and hug your stuffed creature, or if you don’t have one, take minute to go to your local toy store and hunt one down. There are many good places to acquire a stuffed animal or stuffed person. Take that time and put an effort in acquiring a good one. Make this little friend one of your best. Let it remind you of simplicity and how much we need to incorporate it into our everyday lives more.

Many may be surprised by the great joy that can come from the love and comfort of a stuffed creature. Give it a shot, they’re not just great for kids, they can be great for big kids too. Grab that stuffed giraffe and give it big hug. That little giraffe needs love and it can give back more than one might realize.