Who Can Resist Those Plush Puppy Eyes?

plush puppy The minute a plush puppy comes into view everyone’s first reaction is to touch it. They have to “ooo” and “ahhh” and “awww” over the sweet face with big button eyes and how soft the plush fabric body is. Don’t deny it. Everyone does it at some point, and not just children. stuffed puppy What could be better than a plush puppy for a snuggle buddy? They’re soft and huggable. They happily join in with a child’s tea party, willing to wear the crown the little girl or boy created in art class. They keep you company whether it’s time for a bedtime story, or you simply feel like reading. They take their place in the crowd of dolls, teddy bears or stuffed lions that so often adorn the shelves of children’s rooms. Always willing to cuddle whenever you do, unlike a few real puppies we could mention. Clifford-The-Big-Red-Dog-Plush-Stuffed-Animal-Floppy-0 So are you looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for your niece or nephew? Do you need an Easter basket gift for your son or daughter? Or maybe you want to get your girlfriend something sweet for a special occasion that doesn’t involve chocolate? There’s nothing better than a plush puppy. stuffed bulldog A plush puppy is not only a durable and adorable gift for any of these occasions, but it is also a memorable one. Whether it be a large stuffed dog or a large stuffed gorilla or a giant teddy bear, children love to carry them around everywhere with them, and they don’t leave mess to clean up, need to go for walks or stay behind when the family goes on vacation. They can ride along on the plane. TY Plush Husky Of course, these plush childhood friends inevitably find their way into the family photos. Those photos are then tucked into albums, scrapbooks, and framed to sit on the dressers and shelves around the home. Inspiring smiles and laughter in everyone who sees those snapshot moments, whether they’re around the house or in the albums pulled out for a special occasion. Stuffed African Wild Dog Years later memories of that plush puppy or teddy bear might make your child wonder what ever became of their beloved toy. Perhaps the plush puppy found its way into a memory box, or maybe it found its way into the hands of another child who loved it even more. They may ask to take it out, or maybe it’s time to pass it on to a grandchild. plush dog The memories and potential for fun and good times is endless. What is a gift today will be the inspiration of stories tomorrow. At some future date you will look back and realize that plush puppy was one of the best decisions you ever made, and laugh at all the memories etched into its soft fabric and big black eyes. Plush Dog Golden Flopsie