What I Love About Giant Stuffed Bears


Teddy bears have been around since the early 1900’s. The story has it that this fluffy bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States. The account tells of Roosevelt hunting in Mississippi with a hunting party. Some members of the group corned and captured a bear which they tied to a tree for Roosevelt to shoot.

Upon being directed to the tree where the bear was tied, Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. Some accounts say it was because Roosevelt thought it would be unsportsmanlike to kill an animal that he didn’t actually hunt and capture. Other chronicles say he simply wouldn’t harm a defenseless animal.

Giant Teddy Bear

Regardless of the reason, the incident was portrayed in a political cartoon the following day and the cartoon caught the eye, and imagination, of a shopkeeper in New York. Upon the shopkeeper’s request, his wife sewed up a couple of stuffed bears to put in the shop window.

teddy bear

The stuffed bears in the shopkeeper’s window sold like hot cakes. This in turn prompted the shopkeeper to contact Theodore Roosevelt (a.k.a. Teddy Roosevelt) and ask if they could name the bears ‘Teddy Bears’ after him. Roosevelt apparently agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

Teddy bears have evolved a lot since those original small bears showed up in a shopkeeper’s window. Many different types and styles of bear have been born over the years. The majority of children in the world have had a stuffed animal at some point in their childhood. Many of these stuffed animals were in fact the teddy bear, one of the most common plush toys.

Those original small bears are a far cry from some of today’s big and bold giant stuffed bears. It isn’t unusual to find giant stuffed bears that are life sized. Some are taller than an adult person! A giant stuffed bear can make a great accent sitting in the corner of a child’s room. While that large of a size might be a little extreme, there are smaller teddy bears to choose from as well.

There is just something about giant stuffed bears that create a warm fuzzy feeling. A child who is lonely in the night and reaches for a teddy bear can derive comfort from the company of the soft toy.

Some children love their stuffed animals so much that they simply will not give them up. However, giant stuffed bears may be able to take a bit more wear than their smaller counterparts. They are cuddly and loveable and made to withstand the abuses that children unknowingly bestow on them.

Giant stuffed bears don’t complain when they are squeezed or dragged through the dirt. They simply absorb all of the love that is being granted them day after day.