The Regal And Grand Stuffed Lion

stuffed animal lion

The stuffed lion, wild beast of the jungle, loves to preen in the bedrooms of their favorite child. Whether sitting on a shelf or lounging in bed the independent lion is all but tamed when captured and brought into a loving home to become a domesticated cat.

Often, a child will have a jungle of stuffed animals and not just a single one. In addition to the stuffed lion there may be a teddy bear, stuffed giraffe, plush puppy and even a fluffy gorilla. And, unlike in the wild, they all get along famously together!


Soft and cuddly a stuffed lion or other plush animal can be a child’s best friend when the child is small. Big or small, they make good bedfellows. Children often get so attached to one stuffed animal that it is hard to get them to put it down. The stuffed animal shares meals and baths. The two will often be inseparable. It’s a good thing that most stuffed animals are completely washable these days.

Many a grown-up has a tattered stuffed lion or bear in their closet or on a shelf as they just couldn’t part with a childhood friend. Perhaps they have a tattered ear or a missing tail but they still bring back warm and welcome memories of days gone by.


Stuffed animals have actually been around since late 1800’s though they weren’t the cuddly soft toys that are available today. Many of the toys of yesterday were made from upholstery or socks. These stuffed animals were little rough for small hands and faces but loved nonetheless. Anyone who had a sock monkey will never forget it. Though he wasn’t the most handsome of fellows, the sock monkey was always there to give comfort if needed.

As time evolved so did the stuffed lion and other plush toys. Today they come in all shapes and sizes with large stuffed animals being given as gifts to not only children but adults as well. Nothing says love like a giant stuffed animal.


Though many stuffed animals are soft and fluffy, filled with batting and malleable substances, others in the stuffed animal family have been made from alternate materials. Straw, wood, wool, pellets and beans have all been used at one point or another.

Stuffed lions are based on the jungle cat, of course, but other stuffed animals might have been inspired by cartoon character, legendary creatures or the traditional wild animals. They are often given as gifts and sometimes offered to give comfort.


Children will often name their stuffed animals when they get them, thus taming the wild beasts. The stuffed lion will pull in their ferocious claws and purr like a kitten when they are brought into the home of a child (or adult) who loves them. And content they will be to stay as long as they are needed.