The King Of All Teddy Bears

Aurora Plush Bear

Are you or a child you know a collector of teddy bears? You probably have a wide assortment of every type of teddy bear out there. Aurora Plush has the King of all Teddy Bears. This giant teddy bear will delight and amaze children and adults of all ages.

Giant Teddy Bear

When held up, this giant teddy bear measures in at a whopping five feet tall. The teddy bear is made of only the softest and plushest of materials, and of course the highest rated craftsmanship goes into all the stitching. The giant teddy bear will withstand all the rough playing or even just the cuddle time that the child gives. Of course, the giant teddy bear is soft and cuddly and makes a great nap time partner. The child could fall asleep and sleep comfortably on top of this giant teddy bear. The child will have a great companion, a friend that holds all secrets and listens to everything the child says. This teddy bear will become your child’s best friend.

Giant Teddy Bear

The recipient of this giant teddy bear will never forget when and where they received their new best friend. Most of all, they will always remember who gave them the best gift of all. The teddy is huge and likely to bring a smile to everyone’s face when they see it. He is able to cheer up even the most discerning recipient. The giant teddy bear comes in a classic tan and will be sure to please with his huge ear to ear grin.

There is a wide assortment of other large stuffed animals available also. For those who want an out of the ordinary type, there are stuffed giraffes, plush puppies, gorillas and even lions available. All of these are made with the same sturdy craftsmanship and soft, plush materials. Each of these will bring extreme joy to whoever receives any of these animals as a gift. The reviews are all positive, talking about the sturdy craftsmanship, the soft, fluffy feel and the comfort that is derived from any of the stuffed animals, giant or regular sized.

Giving a gift to a cherished loved one or friend is a moment in time. With these great stuffed animals, that moment can last a lifetime. A new best friendship will be developed, a trusted friend and companion for those stormy nights, or just to soothe at dark times. Be the hero, or the favorite at the next birthday party, or buy one of these cool stuffed animals as a gift ‘just because’. It is sure to please and delight, no matter what age the gift recipient is. This is a gift that will keep on giving.