Teddy Bears — Cute, Classic & Here To Stay!

ty shaggy bear teddy bear

It’s a classic American favorite, a beloved staple in the lives of millions of children. It has been around since the turn of the century – most likely even your GRANDPARENTS’ grandparents owned one at some point in their childhoods.

What is this tried and true classic toy that has stood the test of time? It’s none other than the teddy bear. And teddy bears show no sign of going anywhere anytime soon! We may as well prepare ourselves for them to be a part of the lives of even FUTURE generations of boys and girls worldwide!

teddy bear

What exactly is the appeal of the teddy bear? Consider that nearly ALL stuffed animals, from the giant teddy bear that your grandmom won at the World’s Fair to the plush puppy you were given as an infant all have many things in common. For one, they are soft and squeezable – who can resist cuddling a giant soft bear and inhaling that plush fur to pick us up when we’re down?

Secondly, if you had an assortment of giant stuffed bears decorating your room as a kid or even your DORM room as a college student, it made a statement – you were down to earth and knew the classics when you saw them! Those who collect both small and giant stuffed animals are definitely worthy of respect – and it speaks volumes about their level of tenderness and compassion.

You can gauge a lot from an individual’s personality just by browsing the collection of stuffed animals gracing his or her bedroom or basement. And who said the collection has to be limited to just small or giant teddy bears? Any plush will do.

huge teddy bear

Consider that many individuals have a passion for other stuffed animals such as giant stuffed dogs and gorillas (the latter of which are typically too cute to be considered scary!), stuffed lions (same here), a cute stuffed giraffe with its long neck adorned with a bright silk bow and a wide variety of other large stuffed animals. They even have the ability to add a certain flair and décor to the most boring, ordinary room!

Teddy bears and their plush counterparts have even become collector’s items. Once in a while, a teddy bear happens to suffer the ravages of time. That first one you probably received as a newborn may now be old, tattered and its stuffing may have leaked out different places over the years. Or perhaps your poor plush puppy or stuffed lion wound up sneaked into the garbage when you weren’t paying attention because it was just too old and too dirty to be revived.

Rest assured that since teddy bears and their plush array of friends plan to be here indefinitely, there will always be one available to replace the old one in your heart! Start browsing for your new, irresistible, best friend today!