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plush puppy

Who Can Resist Those Plush Puppy Eyes?

The minute a plush puppy comes into view everyone’s first reaction is to touch it. They have to “ooo” and “ahhh” and “awww” over the sweet face with big button eyes and how soft the plush fabric body is. Don’t deny it. Everyone does it at some point, and not just children. What could be […]

ty Giraffe

It Is Easy To Fall In Love With Stuffed Giraffes

There are very few other animals on this Earth that are as easily recognizable as the beautiful giraffe. What is it about these African creatures that make them so absolutely majestic? Is it their beautiful, individual spots and colors? Is it their expressive, kind-looking eyes that seem to envelop everything in their environment? Well, why […]

Giant Teddy Bear

The Charm Of Giant Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are the symbols of comfort and childhood happiness. Everyone had one when they were little, and everyone will give them to their kids. With that in mind, perhaps it’s important to choose the right stuffed animal for your child, because they make an impact on them that usually goes unnoticed. For children, stuffed […]

teddy bear

Teddy Bears — Cute, Classic & Here To Stay!

It’s a classic American favorite, a beloved staple in the lives of millions of children. It has been around since the turn of the century – most likely even your GRANDPARENTS’ grandparents owned one at some point in their childhoods. What is this tried and true classic toy that has stood the test of time? […]

Large Stuffed Panda Bears

Our stuffed animal site is coming along great! We’ve gotten a lot in order over the past couple of days and I’ve been doing some preliminary research on the best priced large stuffed animals. My favorite I’ve found so far is actually an entire family of large teddy bears, and they’re actually stuffed panda bears! […]