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stuffed puppy

Giant Plush Animals: Plush Puppy Dogs

Everyone loves giant plush animals, such as plush puppies. At Fuhzee we have a variety of different animals in giant plush form. We don’t just offer plush animals, either, they also offer toys and games, and party favors, which are mini stuffed plush animals. We also have baby and toddler toys that are taller than they are, to […]

Stuffed Care Bear - Bedtime Bear

Stuffed Care Bear – Bedtime Bear

Stuffed Care Bears can be hard to find in stores like Walmart or Target these days. It seems strange that such lovable toys like Bedtime Bear here have been almost forgotten. Very few plush Care Bears exist anymore, which is why I wanted to reveal Bedtime Bear’s secret location to you! The stuffed Care Bear […]