Stuffed Lions And Why We Will Always Love Them


Stuffed animals have for decades been a great comfort to our children. Whether it’s for protection from what lies in the dark, or companionship, stuffed animals are very important young ones everywhere. In fact, many even keep them as souvenirs and symbols all the way into adulthood. Few things are capable of holding the amount of sentimental value stuffed animals do. A rather recent development has taken the stuffed animal market by storm. Not the conventional teddy bear, but the stuffed lion.

Lions in general are very popular animals, especially to young children. They are easily recognizable, and no one can compromise those gorgeous golden manes. No stranger to popular culture, everyone knows exactly what animal comes to mind when given the phrase “King of the Jungle”. That’s the type of recognition given to lions as a whole, and as symbols of power and majesty, they attract the attention and love of people of all ages. They are such interesting creatures, with a fierce yet docile demeanor. Everything from their coats to their teeth, down to how much of the day male lions spend asleep is inviting to the average person. Ask around, everyone likes lions.

That’s what makes them the perfect stuffed animal choice. With a lion by their side, a child easily feels protected and nurtured. If anyone’s ever seen a lioness’ interaction with her cubs, they would understand that warmness, and how it transfers over to the stuffed aspects of things. Diversity also plays a role in the demand of lions as stuffed animals. As they are found naturally in a limited area, lions are exotic and unfamiliar to most. As the main visual objectives of many tourists and safari goers, lions simply attract people. Everyone wants to see one, to get a picture of one, and more than anything, to have one. That’s why stuffed lions exist.

Other popular stuffed animal choices are quite often native to Africa as well, including giraffes, and zebras. The diversity of the area is immense, but no one animal has been able to captivate the hearts of many like the lion has. They’re beautiful, not to mention their size and imposing stature. Nothing like our own domesticated cat species, they’re large and free and roam their plains as they please. Lions even have hierarchies and families just as we do. Recreating the complex body of the lion and it’s facial features, adding fur, and turning them into small lovable stuffed friends is an incredible homage to their beauty. And almost every stuffed animal corporation has their own variation of the lion to meet any and all needs. So long as lions roam the earth, children everywhere will want their own “little” big cats.