Stuffed Giraffe

stuffed giraffe

I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about my son’s favorite new stuffed animal! His name is Hightops, and he’s a stuffed giraffe from Ty. He’s about 12" tall and he’s perfect for traveling since he’s not too big to get in the way, and not too small to get lost. He’s also tall like a giraffe and has a really cute face. I like to prop him up in a cute sitting posture like the one here. As fun as they are, stuffed giraffes are not as common in the world of stuffed animals, so you know you’re getting something a little more unique for your child.

I really want to find out how Ty can make a plush giraffe as soft as Hightops. I first saw him at the mall in a greeting card store. He was over $15, so I decided to wait and check Amazon. Lo and behold, they had this kids toy on sale for $11.21, so I snagged one before they’re gone. If you want to see if there are any left you can check out the Amazon product page.