Stuffed Care Bear – Bedtime Bear

Stuffed Care Bears can be hard to find in stores like Walmart or Target these days. It seems strange that such lovable toys like Bedtime Bear here have been almost forgotten. Very few plush Care Bears exist anymore, which is why I wanted to reveal Bedtime Bear’s secret location to you! The stuffed Care Bear below is actually made by Playalong, a reputable company that’s been around for many years. Bedtime Bear is 14″ tall, which is just the perfect huggable size which makes sleeping with this little guy a real joy. Playalong recommends you only let children over 3 years old play with this particular toy for kids. As always, our priority is child safety! A lot of random resellers are selling cheap stuffed Care Bears from foreign countries that do not abide by the same safety regulations of our children’s toys. Bedtime Bear is a little overpriced at $42.50, but I guess it’s because of his larger size and durable construction. If you want more information you can check out Amazon’s product page for this stuffed Care Bear.

Stuffed Care Bear - Bedtime Bear