Sleep Sheep – Help your baby sleep

Sleep Sheep

The Sleep Sheep On The Go from Could B is one of the most effective sleep aids available for a child for under $20. It’s a safe alternative to spending long hours trying to put your baby to sleep. Cloud B designed the Sleep Sheep to emit the most soothing sounds possible for a child. Their ultimate goal when they designed this toy was to help your baby go to sleep without the fuss and without the hassle. The Sleep Sheep has two sleep timer settings that make it shut off after a certain amount of time. Depending on the ease with which your child falls asleep, you can set the timer for either 23 minutes or 45 minutes. The Sleep Sheep is capable of playing four different sounds. Let your baby drift off to the sound of a mother’s heartbeat, spring showers, ocean waves, or whale songs.

This stuffed animal comes with an easy velcro strap, making it a breeze to attach this stuffed sheep to any car-seat, stroller, or crib. You have a variety of options when choosing a toy to help your baby sleep, but many of them have sounds that are too aggressive or abrupt for a baby sleeping. They can end up waking your child instead, which only makes more work for you. Obviously, since you’re reading this blog, you also care about your child’s safety. You can use the velcro strap to hang the Sleep Sheep on your baby’s crib where it will be entirely out of your baby’s reach.

Now, if you have the time and the energy, you can still sing your child to sleep with "Go to Sleep Little Baby". But on those longer days you can give yourself a break by simply turning on the Sleep Sheep from Cloud B. Cloud B is well known for their baby-safe stuffed animals. Baby sleep safety is pretty important after all, so go with someone you know you can trust. Last I checked, Amazon had this stuffed animal on sale for $18.67 with free shipping on orders over $25. I’d recommend you check their product page first because they usually have some of the lowest prices if you want to buy stuffed animals. When I bought my sheep for my baby Amazon even included the 2 AA batteries. If you buy from somewhere else make sure you don’t forget those!

Sleep tight,