White Giant Teddy Bear

A Giant Stuffed Bear Makes The Perfect Gift

A teddy bear is a classic children’s toy that brings happiness and a bit of nostalgia to those who see it. A giant stuffed bear is a fun variation on this traditional toy. What can be more comforting than a hug from a bear that’s your size or larger? A giant stuffed bear is a […]

Build a Bear Teddy Bear

Stuffed Teddy Bears Will Always Still Be Number One In A Child’s Eyes

Being a child can be hard sometimes but having a friend to share it with can always be helpful. Having a unique giant stuffed animal to call your own is always something great to help you get through the good and bad times in life. With several options being out there today for children when […]

plush puppy

Who Can Resist Those Plush Puppy Eyes?

The minute a plush puppy comes into view everyone’s first reaction is to touch it. They have to “ooo” and “ahhh” and “awww” over the sweet face with big button eyes and how soft the plush fabric body is. Don’t deny it. Everyone does it at some point, and not just children. What could be […]

Giant Winnie the Pooh Plush

Give A Stuffed Animal As A Gift To Show Your Love

There is one gift that is perfect for everyone celebrating a birthday, Christmas, a Christening or those who are celebrating for any other reason or occasion. This present or gift can be given to any boy or girl, of any age, ultimately. Giving the gift of a large stuffed animal is great for any reason. […]