Large Stuffed Animals – The Guardians Of Childhood

Large Stuffed Tiger

Large stuffed animals are one of the best ways to revisit the magic and innocence of childhood. Every adult can remember that cherished childhood companion. Most may be guilty of still having them safely tucked away in an attic or closet. Even if the fuzzy guys are in less than perfect condition from being over-loved during childhood playtime. Which is just the way it should be. That favorite stuffed bear or giraffe is there to dry tears from a scraped knee and to protect from things that go “bump” in the night. We love our large stuffed animals in childhood as we love our friends in adulthood.

Large Stuffed Panda

One of the greatest perks of these snuggly guys is how child friendly they are for play. Mom can rest easy knowing her child is playing with a toy that is not only a best friend but safe as well. The only real concern she need have is how to sneak them off the wash. Kids can also get the feel of having a “pet” without any of the mess or responsibility. Experiencing a child going through the process of naming their animal is almost as much fun as they have playing with them. Large stuffed animals are a great fit for childhood adventures because they are easy to repair. Almost everyone has that family member who knows how to wield a needle and thread. Even if bear happens to have a minor incident running through the yard it is easy to fix him right up. Honestly aren’t these “incident’s” just the things that give our fuzzy friends their character?

Pink Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear

It’s no wonder children have such a way of becoming entranced by stuffed friends. They are extremely tactile involving almost all of the senses, including of course, a child’s huge imagination. The fur is soft to the touch, irresistible to anyone to run their fingers through. That same material also captures familiar smells from the child’s environment, making them that much more comforting. Large stuffed animals are especially inviting to children as they are close to the same size. Who wouldn’t feel safe and comforted in the arms of a four foot stuffed bear?


It is safe to say that stuffed animals are the guardians of childhood. They go with us on our childhood explorations where we imagine them willing and eager to join us. It is a building block of growing up to have that first friend that will follow you anywhere no matter what. We love them until there isn’t much of them left to love and store them to continue their adventures as adults. We build such fond memories and sentimentality with our large stuffed animals that they remain with us forever.