Giant Stuffed Bear

Teddy bears have been one of the most coveted of stuffed animals for many years! Men have been giving them to the object of their affection in hopes the soft, furry creature would win over their love interest. Daddies have been bringing them home for their baby girls for just as long.


Here is the stuffed bear of all bears, ever! The “giant stuffed bear”! This is not just any stuffed animal. It is a five foot tall and nearly five foot wide plush, huggable giant stuffed teddy bear. When deciding on a gift for a woman or child you adore, this is sure to have them gushing! This giant stuffed bear is so supple and the mere size of it allows it to be used as a pillow or to lay on. How relaxing to lay on such cushy softness! Lots of soft polyester fills the giant stuffed bear to give it that squashy feeling. This is a tremendously big, tremendously soft teddy bear.

White Giant Teddy Bear

To make the giant stuffed bear even more appealing, it has cute paw prints on its feet. Paw prints are so endearing to every woman, young or mature. Adding to its cute factor is the smile on its face! The color is the perfect teddy bear tan. The giant stuffed bear is a charming addition to any little girl’s bedroom. She will want to sleep with it and use it as her pillow. The polyester filling is light so that even a young girl can carry the giant stuffed bear around with her. The face of the teddy bear is kindly and loving like that of a friend. Its size and friendliness exudes the warmth of a fatherly figure.


Women do not tire of teddy bears as they become grownup. Indulge your lady for no apparent reason by bringing home the giant stuffed bear. Each time she looks at the giant stuffed bear, she will think of you and smile. Giving a woman a teddy bear is a romantic notion and creates a feeling of youthfulness. All women love the nostalgia of youth. Give her a moment of nostalgic bliss by presenting her with the giant stuffed bear. The mere silkiness of the giant stuffed bear will keep her touching and hugging it. Seeing the stuffed bear will remind her of your adoration for her.


The giant stuffed bear will leave a huge impression on whomever you gift it to! It is a delight to behold such a tremendously big stuffed bear! No matter if it’s for your lady or your daughter, or what the occasion, you will be remembered for years to come when they open the huge wrapped box the giant stuffed bear is shipped in.