Geri the Giraffe

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From the time we are infants and well into adulthood there are several occasions in which we are presented with a stuffed animal. Sometimes these may be as a gift and others we may have made the purchase for our self. What is the human fascination with stuffed animals? There have been many debates among children and adults alike discussing the merits of having such things about the home. In truth, there is no harm in having a stuffed animal or two or a few dozen. There is a great deal of good that can come from this modified pet ownership.

A stuffed animal is cheaper than a real pet. You do not have to worry about buying pet food, being bitten or cleaning up after messes. Yet, there are other therapeutic advantages to having something like a stuffed giraffe. Psychologists refer to these items as transitional or security objects. When adults are asked why they hang onto these objects, a common response is “it reminds me of happier times.” Some stuffed animals are created better than others in terms of their feel, appearance and believability.

As an example, the Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush stand 54 inches high, it is soft to the touch, and has unique giraffe patterns. This would be a welcome to any nursery room, play room, or as an addition to room décor. An interesting fact about the giraffe is that spots on a giraffe are distinctive to the creature just as fingerprints are to you and I. No two patterns are identical. The animal represents individuality in a whole new way.

Stuffed animals can be used as a teaching tool. By learning about the animal, children and others can increase their knowledge of the world around them. There are many things to know about a giraffe that the young or young at heart will appreciate learning. For instance, did you know that a giraffe only needs to drink water every few days? The majority of its water intake comes from the plants it eats.

For older kids the stuffed animal may just be used for room decoration or the occasional conversation when expressing deepest feelings. It is much easier to talk to something that cannot respond or judge for what is being said or thought about. Though most probably wouldn’t admit it, often the animals end up sleeping in the bed with the children. There is a sense of comfort and security having the tactile contact with the inanimate object. Sometimes it may just be on the bed for extra support.

Let us not forget the TY Tiptop giraffe – all the rage for collectors for a long time. There are many who still seek out, trade, and collect those adorable beanie babies! So no matter if you are gifting or being gifted – there is always room for another stuffed animal, be it giraffe or teddy bear